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          1. our advantages
            • We are fan manufacturer,factory direct price

            • We had the honor to serve many of the famous companies all over the world

            • We believe that "The quality is the soul of an enterprise"

            • With us your money in safe,your business in safe


            Attend the Canton fair every year and take photos with foreigners

            Attend the Canton fair every year and take photos with foreigners

            Shipping containers to countries in the Middle East and southeast Asia

            Shipping containers to countries in the Middle East and southeast Asia


            Taizhou Jiayi Electric & Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the product of ventilation equipments. Since established in 2003, it has always been characterized with advanced input starting point, high-level talents, high-grade products, as well as the purpose of “zero defects” aim in manufacturing and the management philosophy of the quality of all products up to specification. In 2007, the company passed the international quality assessment of ISO9001:2000 as well as the certificates of CCC and CE. After nearly a decade of effort, the company developed from a small processing enterprise, gradually become an integrated manufacturing enterprise providing with a set of services including independent R&D, production and installation. Meanwhile it has gathered a large number of skilled professional staff and had a first-class production equipment and technology, and now its products sell well all of the country and some all the world.

            Based on the advanced production technology and perfect management mechanism. The company, with good quality and faith as its business fundamental, has always aimed at the production of ventilation facilities with high quality and performance-and-price ratio. At present, it has three ventilation equipment brands of “ZGLJF”,”JIAYI” and ”RUIDING” with the serial products such as axial-flow fans, centrifugal fans, boiler draught fans, oblique-fans, mixed-flow fans, exhaust fans, air-blowers and electric motors of Y series and so on. Recently, it has introduced a newly developed anti-oil-moisture fan series and fan-adjustable axial-flow fan series as well as sprinkling fans and spray fans.

            Heartfelt thanks new and old customers for your long-standing trust and love of our products, and welcome to visit our company for investigation and guidance at any time. Based on your trust and support, we have more confidence to produce ventilating equipments with high quality and low price to meet social requirement for development. Let us work together, benefit together, share the results and seize the unlimited business opportunities!

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